Are you feeling burnt out from your trades business? There are some simple strategies available to help regain enthusiasm.

Talk to us about how we can relieve the stress by managing systems, tech, payroll or other financial administration – here at Tradies Tax, we’ll back your recovery.

The last two years have been demanding and exhausting for many business owners – are you one of them?

The challenges have been relentless, and we know many small business owners have had to navigate unprecedented demands because of the pandemic and related government regulations.

Burnout results from long-term stress and can manifest in emotional and physical exhaustion, which may affect your enthusiasm for running the trades business you once loved.

So, What Can You Do About it?

We understand that as a trades business owner, you have many responsibilities, and often you do everything on your own – so we know how hard it can sometimes be to keep on top of all your legal obligations.

The most important step is to acknowledge you feel burned out and need a break.

Take a break as soon as you can. Plan ahead for time away from the trades business; however, keep in mind that while getting some rest in the short-term will help, long-term stress will take commitment to recover from.

Strategies to Help Recover from Burnout

What can you do differently to avoid prolonging or retriggering the burnout? Here are 6 strategies you can utilize, to help recover from burnout. 

1. Delegate 

  • Look at the low-value tasks you spend time on and pay someone to do them for you if you can, or pass it on to another emplpyee. This will free up time and energy.

2. Re-energize 

  • If you’re struggling with a lack of enthusiasm or purpose, talk to colleagues or a business coach for support. If possible, connect with people in the same industry so you can share among others who may be facing similar challenges.

3. Stand Back 

  • Take an objective look at how much you are working and how effective you are. For example, is it time to streamline your work activities and put boundaries around working hours?

4. Reassess Your Goals

  • Do you have clear business goals for the short-term and long-term? Either set some realistic goals or revise them if they are too difficult right now. This will help you re-align your focus.

5. Commit To Some Regular Self-care Actions 

  • Think about what you love doing outside your business that is nourishing. Regular exercise? Four-wheel driving? Camping? Learning something for fun? Going to the beach? Get an app on your phone that reminds you to take mini breaks throughout each day. Whether that is movement, mindfulness or music, use technology to help.

6. Celebrate Milestones and Achievements 

  • When overwhelmed with stress or exhaustion, it’s easy to forget the positives. Remind yourself of just how much you have done in the last year!

Need Some Support? Talk to Tradies Tax

You’ll be better able to face challenges, run your business well and assist others if you are looking after yourself well.

Tradies Tax would love to help support you back to passionate engagement with your trades business. 

If you’re feeling burnt out and need help in managing systems, technology, payroll or other financial and administrative management, contact Tradies Tax today, and we’ll back your recovery.

This blog was originally published by BOMA, but has had edits made by Tradies Tax for the benefit of our readers.